Smart Financing Options

Meeting Your Customers Needs

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Don’t Break The Bank

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In addition to our many marketing services utilizing our proprietary license plate networking, DrivveIt offers smart financing options to improve the point-of-sale experience for our clients and to help our client’s customers achieve their dream of owning a car without breaking the bank.

Gap Insurance Solutions

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DrivveIt Dealer Services also offers gap insurance solutions to protect consumers from unexpected expenses that may arise if their car is stolen or totaled. DrivveIt’s comprehensive gap insurance solutions helps protect both consumer and client investment protecting the vehicle through its lease or loan term ensuring our clients receive the money they’re owed.

Our compliant insurance solutions also guarantee that dealerships can earn the invaluable additional revenue generated by offering gap insurance to their consumers. This can help increase profitability with financing and selling vehicles.

Auto Loan Financing Options

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DrivveIt was founded by long-time industry experts who understand the value of dealerships providing loans and servicing needs regardless of consumer credit. DrivveIt Dealer Services says yes to financing options for customers where other companies say no. If DrivveIt sends them to your dealership, DrivveIt will give you an option for them to buy a car from your dealership.

Warranties and More

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Our financing options don’t stop at insurances and loans. DrivveIt Dealer Services also offers ancillary products backed by world-class administrators with best-in-market pricing and a no-chargeback guarantee. Our smart financing options cover warranties, VSC, and more. Coupled with our proprietary network of license plate cameras and world-class data-marketing, DrivveIt clients enjoy a unique opportunity to both capture unlimited customer potential and service each customer without worry about financing and collections efforts.

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One-Stop Shop

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Consumers enjoy the convenience of a one-stop shop for their car purchase and financing needs while dealerships can worry about driving revenue rather than collecting on monies owed.

Drive Revenue, Not Debt
with DrivveIt’s Smart Financing Options